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2008 Fuel Fund.......hosted in part by Mutual Bank ....contributions can be sent directly to the bank at 336 Plymouth Street , Haliifax, MA 02338 C/O The National Flag Truck Foundation.
Recovery Specialist Insurance Group
Leading the fuel sponsor list for 2008/2009
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Rotary International,Hanson/Rockland
South Dakota Professional Towing Association
Hickey Metal Fabrication
Albert J. Tonry & Co., Inc
Joe & Sylvia/ Jennings Tow & Repair, Spirit Lake, Iowa
Towing & Recovery Professionals of Iowa
Miller Industries
Sturbridge Service Center
Texas Towing and Storage Assoc.
Naftzinger Towing  Auburn, PA
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Ted's saves the day!
To Millie and Dick Stearns, Towing and Recovery Hall of Famers for again getting a rally going and helping to keep the truck on the road. At this time of cut-backs and the truck temporarily off the road for the first time in 21 years, they rallied both Ted's of Fayville, Inc of Southborough, Mass for picking up the truck and State Wide Towing Assoc. for helping to get the flags through.
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